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Drawing and painting traditionally or digitally,
Eve's Art Works
has the knowledge and creativity to meet all of your illustration needs.
"Seated Man"
Conte and Pencil on Paper
18"x 24"
"The Village Tree"
Concept Sketch,
 "Little Nothings 2"
Digital Painting
Pencil on Paper
12"x 16"
Concept Sketch, Pencil on Paper
12"x 16"
"The Storyteller"
Pencil and Ink on Paper
8.5"x 11"
"The Eyes Have It"
Digital Painting
"Bantha's Dream"
12"x 16"
Cover llustration 
Mixed Traditional
& Digital Media 
 "Little Nothings 1"
Digital Painting
enlarged eves_art_works004028.jpg eves_art_works004027.jpg eves_art_works004025.jpg eves_art_works004024.jpg eves_art_works004022.jpg eves_art_works004021.jpg eves_art_works004019.jpg eves_art_works004018.jpg eves_art_works004016.gif eves_art_works004015.jpg eves_art_works004013.jpg eves_art_works004012.jpg eves_art_works004010.jpg eves_art_works004009.jpg eves_art_works004007.jpg eves_art_works004006.jpg eves_art_works004004.gif eves_art_works004003.jpg eves_art_works004001.jpg
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